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Allergy season

We just walked outside to check on our plants and decided to take a selfie. Well, in the process, I stepped on Elliot’s foot and he got a sneeze attack from all the pollen.

This picture is so funny to us. It’s a natural sneeze. Lol

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    1. It can be horrible to deal with! We keep our windows closed during the day or else me and my kids will start the sneezing, have runny noses, itchy eyes…the whole works.
      Glad the allergy season is over for you! Hope you can breathe in some fresh air and enjoy it.

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  1. I am a lifelong allergy sufferer (but lucky that is my only affliction as of now). Saw this earlier on Twitter:
    “UMichiganNews: .@umclasp researchers @alsteine & @yingxiaoZ via @ConversationUS: “In a 2022 study, we found that the U.S. will face up to a 200% increase in total pollen this century if the world continues producing carbon dioxide emissions…”

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    1. Allergies are terrible to deal with, but that’s pretty good if it’s your only affliction! At least you can get treat it with medicine. Anyhow, I don’t want to minimize it, because when you’re suffering from it. it is horrible.
      California is having an inordinate amount of pollen this spring. We went to Target to pick up allergy medicine and there was a sign that due to high demand, you can only purchase 4 allergy items per person. The shelves were bare. I ordered from from Amazon tonight.

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      1. Amazon is so convenient and useful for our family! I don’t have the time or the energy to run around town to go shopping. There’s a certain kind of joy in browsing in person, but shopping with kids is stressful. I don’t even know what I bought and sometimes forget to get the thing I meant to buy. lol.

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      2. You are spot on! How can I forget that kids find things too they want…and they give you the cute face and higher pitch, “Can I get this, mommy?” They work it.
        I like supporting small businesses too and I do that when I can. But most of the time, It’s all Target, which is close to our house, or Amazon deliveries.

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      3. I believe small businesses sell on Amazon too. It seems complicated but there are individual shops. They probably pay a fee to sell on the platform.
        It’s sad Bed, Bath & Beyond are closing some of their stores. I did a lot of shopping there in the past but stopped going there after kids. It was occasional. Target became our go-to shop after kids for convenience factors.
        That’s a good question Linda. Don’t know who will get their business. Feel bad that such a big shop is closing.

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      4. I’ve had a few instances where I run into small shops selling on Amazon and they are good to deal with. I understand from the all-news radio station’s business reporter that Bed, Bath & Beyond may sell their name and a similar store open but it’s still up in the air. I’ve not shopped there in a while but did buy from them in the past as they had such a good selection.

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