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Another bout of cyclic vomiting

I don’t want to admit it, but it seems Ellis is going through another bout of cyclic vomiting. I’m sitting here wondering if we should go to the er now or wait. Well… I’m writing this 2 hours after I wrote that last sentence. We’re at the er. Scary as […]

Suh photo team

We recently got a selfie ring light. It’s supposed to get rid of shadows and create a better light around subjects. There are several light settings from dim, brighter, to blue light. So our first photo subjects are our stuffed animals! We tried it ourselves too but the ring light […]

Oakland Zoo Glowfari 2022

We finally went to Glowfari at Oakland Zoo. After 2 years of tickets being sold out, I was finally able to get tickets for December 1st this year. CA. barely gets any rain, but of course, it decided to pour on the day of our outing. Oakland Zoo was adamant […]