Flower of the day: August 11, 2020. Pepper tree

On a recent park walk, my friend pointed out a large tree with drooping leaves and little berries on its branches as a pepper tree. I didn’t know what to expect since the bulbs were yellow and had no resemblance to a peppercorn. But when I rubbed the yellow bulb between my fingers, it released that distinct spicy smell. When I looked it up online, this pepper is called “pink peppercorn“; it’s an altogether different kind of pepper than commonly used in cooking.

My friend didn’t know it was a pepper tree until her mother pointed it out to her last month. I love how knowledge is passed down and we can keep learning from each other. Now that tree has more significance to me and my kids (since I had to take them to smell it).

Thanks Cee for hosting this FOTD challenge!

11 thoughts on “Flower of the day: August 11, 2020. Pepper tree

    • It was a great walk/ hike with both you and Helen! What a fun time to do something different and enjoy the outdoors. Love our outings where I come home refreshed.
      Have wonderful Wednesday and fighting!! Much love…


    • I know what you mean about naming what you see in nature! It feels empowering and your interest in that thing goes up substantially. There’s so much to learn and I don’t think anybody knows everything. It’s an ongoing learning process.
      Have a great weekend and I’m so happy you stopped by!

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      • It’s lovely to be catching up with the little group of blogs I follow – the sunshine has kept me outside for a few weeks, but I’ve missed seeing what everyone is up to and reading your lovely words x


      • I’m so glad you stopped by! I too enjoy keeping up with the blogs I follow, but finding a peaceful time to just read and comment are far and few in between. It’s the mom anxiety of I need to do this and that!
        It’s summer…you got to enjoy the sunshine and am so glad you did. Being outdoors makes a positive difference in our moods. I just saw your pretty seeds photos and mouse ballerina in your recent post. Beautiful display and composition!


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