Flower of the day: February 11, 2021. Campus stroll

“I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.”
― William Shakespeare

Thanks Cee for hosting this challenge! And thank you readers for stopping by! Appreciate each one of you.

6 thoughts on “Flower of the day: February 11, 2021. Campus stroll

    • Thanks Linda! The weather was wonderful that day on the campus. Even though us trio were having an awful day, we still managed to walk around and take come pictures.
      I was a woman on nerves that day. Ellis had a doctor’s appointment where she threw up on the way, at the appointment, afterwards; the whole time Elliot is miserable with boredom and exasperation with sister throwing up right next to him in his car seat. I tried to make it up by taking them to the campus bookstore: no parking, kids wanting snacks, stops for Ellis to get air outside the car, etc. It was hell, but we ended up smiling on the way home.

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