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Post written in May ’22, but posting it now. Teacher Appreciation Week

On Monday, we heard on the radio that it was Teacher Appreciation Week and various callers called in to share favorite things about their best teachers. Well, this was too good an opportunity to not bring it up to my two outstanding homeschooling students.

Me: “Did you hear that? It’s Teacher Appreciation Week.”

Elliot: “Yea, what is that?”

Me: “Well, I’m your teacher and it’s appreciation week. Kids do sweet things for their teachers.”

Ellis: “Oh, oh, oh, I know what I’m going to do,” she excitedly says with one arm raised and pumping the air.

Elliot: “Does this mean I have to do something?,” he moans.

Me: “hahahaha, I don’t want to force you, but it would be nice,. I accept cash, jewelry, etc.” I replied with a wink and an elbow nudge. We all laughed at how obvious I was.

Elliot: “Ok, I’ll think about it. Give me time.”

Ellis: “I know what I’m going to do!!”

After we get home from our playground outing, I could not keep my eyes open any longer. I decided to take a short…a 2 hour nap. This is when I heard a lot of commotion with my printer cart being moved around to the charger and typing noises.

Few minutes later, I see a little person standing in front of my napping face asking me where to find cardstock paper and how to turn on the printer. It wasn’t plugged in.

Well, with some help, I was soon awarded with a printed greeting card telling me that I am a wonderful teacher who “dosen’t yell.” And she made a little paper pouch inside the card that held a mini Kit Kat bar. Later in the day as I was organizing my purse, she asked if she could have my $5 bill. I said “no, I need that.” Then she picked up a folded up dollar bill and asked if she could have that one. I said “yes.”

Since the mini Kit Kat bar was Elliot’s, he squeezed his name onto the card.

Two minutes later, she brings me the card again. When I opened it, the pouch had the $1 bill in it. So I got a mini candy bar and a whopping $1 bill. LOL.

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      1. 🙂 Here’s another chuckle. Another Chick-fil-A is opening (not in our area) but they were advertising the Fall menu – pumpkin spice shake and spicy chicken sandwich. Pumpkin spice shake sounds wonderful to me. They described it as: cinnamon and pieces of brown sugar cookies in a dreamy dessert. I think you should not overtax the new fridge using it, opening it, etc. and go here for dinner. 🙂


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