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Phil Wickham’s “On Our Knees: 40 Days to Living Boldly in Prayer”

Phil Wickham, a Christian contemporary singer, is one of our favorite artists. His latest song “Hymn of Heaven” is beautiful in music and lyrics; we love listening to his voice on repeat. But his other songs are just as uplifting and wonderful in worshiping God.

K-love just announced that Phil Wickham, along with his friend Matt Litton, recently published a book titled On Our Knees: 40 Days to Living Boldly in Prayer and Instagram showed him signing books at Barnes and Nobles in Los Angeles. Sadness, because if we lived closer, we would’ve loved to have gotten our signed copy, say “hello,” and definitely take a selfie with our favorite artist.

However, I wonder if anyone else would read it besides me if we got it as a book. The next best choice is an audible listen.

The other day I was struggling to find the right words to pray; they seem repetitive and boring. We have a habit of praying once we get into the car, but most of the time, when we are all settled into the car, tempers flare and people are annoyed with each other: how could Ellis take so long to put on her shoes, complaints about the car smelling bad inside, why do we have to go where we’re going, did we bring the water bottles, etc. It’s difficult to be in the right spirit to pray and honestly I am not in the mood to say thank you to God and to bless our trip. It feels hypocritical and lame. But I do because not doing so seems hypocritical too. Even those feeble prayers immediately encourage us and we feel God cares for ours burdens. We all mumble “Amen” but believe God will work in the smallest details of our lives, even for the squabble of how it takes someone too long to tie their shoes or a staring contest gone awry.

Wow, it’s a great listen so far! It’s read by Phil Wickham and the chapters are short listens with a devotional, prayer, prayer practice, and reflection questions. We started one night ago and we’re already on Day 5. Kiddos love the sound of his voice and are interested in what he has to say. This morning Ellis told me she almost cried listening to his devotionals.

If you are searching for an inspirational listen to help you learn more about prayer, check out this book or audible listen. I hope it encourages and teaches you to pray better and to grow in your relationship with God!

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