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Official sick day = Pup stuffies Monday fashion

Lazy Monday…it’s officially sick day for the Suhs. Elliot has dry coughing and a tummy ache. Both kids have been annoyed with each other. Then, Ellis suddenly gets a headache and runs to the bathroom. Barfing bouts.

Antennae up.

No idea what triggered that but when we walked out of the bathroom, Elliot was wide eyed and wearing his mask. Then, as I was calling the doctor and getting Ellis comfortable in her napping spot, he fell asleep.

Another call to the pediatrician and advice is to lay low, hydrate, rest, but call if barfing continues. So far so good.

Bored and looking at plushies…fashion doesn’t stop for pups on a sick day.

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      1. I haven’t heard of that show. I’ll check it out. My husband and I just finished season 2 of The Chosen and we loved it. It’s a little intense for the kids but great for grown ups!


      2. I think I’ve seen segments of The Chosen on FB, but I’m not sure. If it was, I agree that it does get intense here and there.
        Please check out the show. It’s even entertaining for adults and the Bible stories are solid. Let me know how you guys like it.

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