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Monochrome Monday: 10-17,’22. Ongoing parainfluenza

Parking lot wooden fence. While waiting for appointment at pediatrician’s office. Got nothing to do while kids mope around asking when we can go in. I’m ignoring them, just taking pictures as they grab my shoulders and demand attention. They find forgotten toys in the car!
Push water and play…old game
Dug up old sunglasses

Still parainfluenza. Now Elliot is into the third phase of it with dry coughs and sore throat. Something about the trachea pushing into the esophagus. He’ll need 2 kinds of inhalers for the next 2 weeks for bronchial spasms. Whew…this ones taking a while to get over. When he catches something, it sticks for a while.

Positive thing is he’s strengthening his immune system, but pediatrician says most kids get over by phase 1 that usually passes in 4-5 days. Not us Suhs, we are over achievers and do all 3 phases and do 3 doctor visits (major sarcasm there).

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