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Another neon tetra dies

Our neon tetra population has been in decline over the past few months. Our remaining three were doing well until this afternoon. One of them got stuck in the tight bottom of a plant accessory and got squished to death. They’re a schooling fish, so we’ll need to get them more friends soon.

This 10 gallon tank gives us plenty of fish drama!

neon tetra’s tail is sticking out in the middle part of the faux plant

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  1. Imagine the drama you could have with a 120 gallon tank. I have one in my basement where Joe used to have a Aztec cichlid (I think that was the species). Aztec would swim fast from one end of the tank to the other and create a tidal wave.

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    1. That would be lots of drama and upkeep!! We’ve been thinking about upgrading to a larger tank, like 20 gallons, and still ambivalent. I can’t imagine 120. Great way to learn about fish and fishkeeping though.
      Do you still have the cichild?


    2. No. Aztec is long gone. Joe had to dismantle the tank before we moved into our apartment. Management would not allow a fish tank. Joe sold Aztec back to the store where he got him. The tank was going to be used once we got our house but it never was.

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      1. I didn’t know apartment management would not allow a fish tank. Maybe causer it was so large and held so much water. I’m just trying to imagine how heavy that would be!
        That’s great Aztec went back to the store…cool name for a cichlid. We call our fish by its color or feature.
        We got a 20 gallon tank 2 years ago but the algae growth was too much to handle. It was a new tank that boasted a high wall and that was actually awful for me to clean. My arm whole arm would get wet. So it’s used as a toy stand. lol


    1. I guess so! One of them had its side chomped off by the bigger fish. Kiddos were traumatized. And another catfish got stuck in the filter and we only found its skull there. Yikes! You think fish tanks are peaceful but then there’s the dark side to it too.


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