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Flower of the Day: November 12, 2019

Little kids see details in surroundings that grown-ups may not. Today, I took a walk with Ellis when she pointed out a blooming flower low on the ground.

From her height level, she shows me what I can’t see unless I stoop. The flower today was one I wouldn’t have noticed on my own.

Since she knows I love taking pictures of flowers, trees, animals, nature, and a whole lot of other kooky stuff, she looked at me with a sarcastic smile. The smile seemed to say: “Hello, I found a picture-worthy flower. Get out your camera and tell the blog people I found it.”

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A photo-a-week challenge: Atmospheric. Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego

A lighthouse is beautiful in its aesthetic and purpose. It’s an atmosphere filled with adventure, hard work, and altruism. Altruism is not a word I thought of on my own, but it’s a perfectly fitting description used by George Bernard Shaw, which was posted in the lighthouse keeper assistant’s quarters. People sacrificed their time and lives to keep others safe.

This location of Point Loma Lighthouse was chosen for its high elevation assuming that it would be an ideal spot for a lighthouse. Only thing was that the fog would cover the light making it hard for ships to see. One remedy was lighthouse keepers warning ships with gunfire. (still dangerous) After 36 years in operation, they closed this lighthouse and moved it to a lower elevation.

This historic atmosphere takes you back to life in a different century. A great place to imagine and to appreciate history, life, and the hearts of people.

Looking up towards the lighthouse
Side view of the lighthouse-keeper assistant’s house
Lighthouse. Its simplicity is marvelously beautiful.
Looking down from the top of this spiral staircase of the lighthouse to the bottom
Ocean view
A bedroom on the second floor of lighthouse
Top staircase leading to the outside. Closed to the public except for special events.

Thank you Nancy Merrill for hosting this interesting challenge!