Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green Foliage

If I had to choose one favorite color, but I have a special link to the color green spot because my late grandma. She loved the color of napa cabbage and pastel green. Whenever any family member talked about getting a new car she’d ask if cabbage green was a color option. Oh grandma; she had funky taste.

Another fond memory of green comes from my high school history teacher who used green pens instead of red to grade papers. According to her, red was too critical and discouraging so she chose green: “Green is for growth,” she’d say.

It’s true that mistakes are an inevitable part of life that you can learn to become a stronger and wiser person. For me, shades of green in nature revives hope, health, and wonder.

K, before I bore you with how much I love green in nature, here are my green foliage pictures.

Thanks Cee for hosting this challenge! I was surprised to find old pictures of just green foliage and they didn’t need any other colors. One color was enough to show off their beauty and uniqueness. Hope you and my blog readers have a fantastic mid week and are enjoying the summer breeze.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Seating

A paddle boat ride at Stow Lake, SF…seats 4
Seagulls’ prime seating for watching humans
Stroller and hydration break from walking
Mobile & personalized seating for 15 month old Elliot

Thank you Cee for this fun B&W challenge where I share my interpretations of seating through photos!

Thanks readers for your time in stopping by! Have a great start to the weekend. 🌻😁

Flower of the day: June 2, 2021. One Petunia bloom and breakin’ into victory dance

It’s almost been a month since I bought a container pot containing both Petunia and Verbena flowers. When I placed it on the porch, I stared at them wondering how to keep them alive, thus beginning my YouTube journey into plant care.

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.” â€“ Janet Kilburn Phillips

These hardy plants can take some neglect without dying completely. That gives me assurance that they will overlook my mistakes, and the first thing I do is gingerly cut back on the leggy branches that hung over the pot. Doing this will aid the plant’s shape to fill out into a rounder bush than a flat one. Next step was deadheading, pinch off, the spent flowers to encourages new growth and delay the seeding phase.

Cutting off stems with perfectly healthy flowers seemed evil and wasteful. But I knew it was time to follow through with the advice from seasoned gardeners. So I took a pair of scissors and blunt cut stems while Ellis transplanted those cuttings into an empty ceramic planter.

The first Petunia bloom in my container pot in a month
Ellis’ bouquet from stem cuttings that surprisingly bloomed like crazy

I was dismayed that pruning didn’t produce blooms immediately, like in the next 24 or 48 hours. It took around four weeks. Ellis’ stem cuttings bloomed first, one quickly after another. In the meantime, my pot showed one straggly bloom but it finally made its appearance. Oh yea!

Victory dance

Why Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Is a Hit With Listeners Who've Never Heard of  K-pop

Getting this far has been a complicated process of regulating how much to water, shifting the pots around, checking the soil’s moisture, worrying, and tending to it while unaware that I may be slowly killing the plant or helping it to thrive. Overall, we’re amazed at the tenacity of these flowers and our gardening confidence is growing in tiny spurts.

Thanks Cee for hosting this FOTD challenge and hope yo`u and my blog friends have a safe, cheerful, and healthy start to June!!