Hawk eyes this afternoon

Sitting on the couch hawk eyeing Ellis. Morning was fine until she complained of a headache. Told her to drink some water. She did. Didn’t make much of her complaint.

Cuddles with me on the couch during online church service and she gives me that look. It’s the I’m going to barf look. Now I realize she’s serious. Elliot turns to me and says “I’m scared” probably thinking we’ll be away at the hospital for a day or two.

Several rounds of throw ups and I imagine this situation getting worse with dehydration and continuous vomiting. When I get her nausea medicine from the fridge, the expiration date was April 2020. Good news that we haven’t needed it in a while but when you’re stressed you get irritable and irrational.

Gave Chris the evil glare since he’s the medicine manager & pick-up person: not his fault but I felt like being mean to him. These kinds of situations bring out the worst in me towards him. He takes it in stride but it doesn’t make it good either.

Our hospital bag is packed and I’m dressed to drive to th ER if the headache continues. As I was getting ready, grumpily and anxiously, she fell asleep. Maybe she’s sleeping it off. It’s been an hour.

Pediatrician did mention that her abdominal migraines would become head migraines as she gets older. Her proposed remedy: dark room, quiet space, cool air, and sleep.

We’re the only ones in the living room, mild breeze wafting in from the open window and water flowing sounds from the fish tank. I pray and hope her deep sleep will relieve the headache. And I pray the others in the family will forgive me for driving them out of the living room and being so irritated.

At church today the message was about being a light in the world. I did not live up to that, maybe more like a cannon ball.

Thanks for reading my harried thoughts. I’m so thankful to have this space to share the ups and downs of my life adventures with you all.

A few Sundays ago…hopefully after her migraine she’ll be this smiley again today

7 thoughts on “Hawk eyes this afternoon

    • Thanks Miriam for your sweet thoughts. She gave me quite a scare that morning and thought we had to do the whole hospital drill again. Thankfully it cleared on its own.
      It was the first head migraine and I hope it’s the last one.
      Hope you are doing well this week!


      • I don’t know what caused migraines. Have you done any research on it? What did her doctor say? I hope it would be her last also. We’re doing well, just came back on Thursday from seeing the grandkids.


      • I wish I knew the specific triggers for her migraines. Don’t know for sure. Doctor recommends sleep, hydration, cool air, and lots of sleep. She told me throwing up a few times is common and sleeping it off is the best remedy.
        How wonderful that you got to visit your grandkids! I hope it was great time of bonding and spending time together.


    • I have bad migraines too and they’re awful. She probably gets it from me. This was her first head migraine, so it gave us a scare. She used to have bouts of abdominal migraine that ended up in hospital stays. I didn’t know but doctors said that small kids get them. Gotta stay aware of the triggers. Mothering is tough and there’s so many decisions to make; it’s hard to tell if you’re making a bad or good decision.
      I hope your migraines have improved and not getting them often. Stay well and healthy!

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      • I got them from my mom too!! Crazy how things work. I still get them here and there but they’ve subsided a lot so I’m happy. It sure is tough but we take it day by day. Hugs! 🥰


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