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Why does December feel like this again

Oh my gosh, I sound like a broken record again: that feeling of brokenness is slowly descending on me.

December makes me look back at the year and I feel proud of how we navigated difficult phases and still had joyful moments and good laughs together. Hardships became blessings in disguise and God’s omnipotent hand was obvious.

Shouldn’t I be content? Isn’t this supposed to be a happy, celebratory, and bright season?! But why has the past few Decembers cast this gloom over me? What is with this inexplicable sadness that plays tricks on me with its coming and goings? 

I’m sure my kids wonder why mommy doesn’t feel like doing anything, skips meals, can’t sleep, gets tired too easily, sees my forced smiles (it’s draining), or why I seem unavailable. All the things I don’t want my kids and Chris to see about me is visible in unconscious ways.

I grew up in a family where various members struggled with depression and I hated seeing them suffer when life circumstances didn’t warrant it. My young mind told me that grownups couldn’t spare time and attention for me. This probably began the cycle of internalizing my problems and feeling that I had to spare them the burden of helping with my growing pains. I know, it goes way back and psychoanalyzing it would kill precious brain cells.

When I feel its onset, I instantly worry about how it may affect the wellbeing of my 3 favorite people: 2 kids and hubs. I want to spare them the negativity, not walk on eggshells, feel self blame and feel that I love them any less. Depression comes and I can’t explain or control it as much as I wish. The guilt is real and it’s puzzling how the emotions waver where I question my reality. Although professional help is helpful, I need to intentionally ask God to “turn this thing around.”

Whew, this life business is tough yet beautiful. I know I’ll get through this again. John Reddick’s song “God Turn It Around” gives me faith that God sees and knows me as I am.

Here’s a part of the inspirational song, but you can listen and see the official music video at this YouTube link.

He is healing someone 
He is saving someone
God is doing something
Right now
Right now

He is moving mountains
Making a way for someone
God is doing something
Right now
Right now
December leaves before days of recent rainfall in San Jose, CA.

I am grateful and know that I’m loved and blessed beyond what my mind imagined for myself; but unfortunately those feelings don’t mute depression. Self blame, self-interrogation, self-doubt kick in. In all honesty, I wonder if it my familiarity with it has become a comfort thing for me: Am I standing in the way of getting better?; Have I become too familiar with it that I unconsciously hold onto it?; and how would life be different without depression? It’s messy and complex process. But I know when the sadness waves rise up in me that God quiets my soul again and that I do not will this upon myself.

I post these depression posts every few months or so and I hesitate to publish them after it’s written. It feels vulnerable to show this much about myself. But life, in general for all humankind, is made up of good, bad, wonderful, and painful bits. The story of Esther continues as I pick up the pieces and grow stronger through these experiences. Maybe my story could encourage someone and reassure that they do not struggle alone.

Thank you everyone for reading this long post! I appreciate each and every one of my readers and wish you all a good and safe week as we wrap up 2021. Take care and God bless you. ~ Esther

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  1. You have a lot on your plate Esther in a regular year, so to couple that with the worries of COVID as it has apparently settled in with this new variant for the long haul, just ups the anxiety. You had an anxious few days with Ellis this year as well. I often feel the world goes to fast for me these days – I want to step off sometimes. People talk too fast on the radio, the commercials are too loud, the neighborhood dogs bark incessantly – I just have started tuning out more and more. It seems easier. I had really no Christmas spirit this year. I may have written about Christmas but whether it is COVID concerns or all the doom and gloom every day on the news, whether its crime (two murders in our city in December) or weather woes, it all weighs heavily on my mind. I just couldn’t get enthused about Christmas and I know I am not the only one. Hugs to you – tomorrow is a new day and year .. I hope it’s a better one.


    1. Thanks friend! Depression is something I’ve struggled with for years and all this Covid stuff doesn’t make it any better. When it comes it feels soul wrenchingly painful and then when it subsides, I wonder if I’ve been a fool all along. It’s so confusing. Need more prayers and therapy.

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