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Repost of a 2020 popular post on my blog. I hope you enjoy it! Insightful poem about being six-years-old by A.A. Milne

“Now I am Six”

When I was one,
I had just begun.
When I was two,
I was nearly new.
When I was three,
I was hardly me.
When I was four,
I was not much more.
When I was five,
I was just alive.
But now I am six,
I’m as clever as clever.
So I think I’ll be six
Now and forever.

Poem by A.A. Milne, the creator of Winnie the Pooh character and books

When I found this poem, I immediately thought of my 6-year-old daughter. In the past year, she has matured so much in the way she talks, behaves, thinks, and feels. Here I go…a proud mama.

She surprises me with her use of words and information she retains. I still think of her as a baby and don’t realize how much information she comprehends and retain. Last week she asked me, “Mommy, what does Hypoplastic Left heart mean?” “What’s happening with my vocal cores (she doesn’t hear the “d” sound when it’s pronounced)?”

Elliot 6 and Ellis 4 in this photo Looks like he’s trying to push sister away.
Ellis, our 6-year-old diva

Her loud laughs, thoughtful questions, and dance moves she does when she thinks no one is watching make my heart cartwheel. For Elliot it was only 2 years ago, but he talks about being 6 like it was eons ago. He refers to it as his baby days: maybe it’s a big brother thing.

Sometimes, I get reminiscent and talk about the days when they were born or toddlers. They can’t get enough of it and want me to keep remembering, which keeps getting spottier over the years.

Another thing about being six: Ellis starts some stories with the preface, “you know when I was young, I used to…”

When she figures something out for the first time that 10+7=17 and 7+10=17, she snaps her finger, taps foot, nods head up and down, and stands akimbo. She says, “I need water. I’m parched.” It’s like she saying, “Look at me. I’m growing up. I know stuff that I didn’t know yesterday!”

Me too, kid. I’m learning and relearning for the upteenth time something new with you everyday!

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