Christmas Preparations: Homemade Decorations

Every December Elliot and Ellis each get to choose 1 special ornament. This is loads of fun when Target gets their first batch of Christmas decor and it’s a winter wonderland at the back of the store. But something about December and Christmas makes us want to create our own and put our craft supplies to good use.

One thing I suggest is to craft when you feel happy; avoid crafting when hangry. This gets everyone mad and every spill and tear feel like the end of the world. Nibble on some favorite snacks, guzzle your preferred drink, have steady supply of glue gun refills, and keep a craft wastebasket nearby.

This post is my entry for Something to Ponder About Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Christmas Preparations. Thank you for hosting this challenge!

Popsicle stick’s tree.
Cork tree with sparkly stars. Trunk was too heavy and wouldn’t stick.
Can you guess which one is homemade? Ellis helped with the stuffing and sewing.
Garland made out of wood craft shape and sparkly stickers. Rare for me but I spaced out each square 4 in. Slight determination to make it less random!
Wood ornament designs and a year-old Michaels’ foam ornament craft

CitySonnet. Goodbye August: August 31, 2019

I’ll miss summer afternoons and evenings the most. There’s something lovely about the days staying light till late evening: the warmth, the afternoon glow, and spontaneous strolls. This is our first summer since Ellis’ birth that we’ve had many playdates and outings. Sure we’re still overly vigilant about germs, but she is

When I became a new mom, someone told me to enjoy summers with your kids, because time passes quickly. Parents get to spend about 18 summers with kids before they go to college or embark on other adventures.

It’s hard to savor this time when you’re exhausted from raising kids, yet I understand how I’ll miss being in this season of life with them. The best is that they still love to cuddle, take bunch of silly selfies with you, and tag along everywhere you go.

Summertime is always the best of what might be.
                                      – Charles Bowden

Summer picnic
Summer dance recital
Fun times with friends

Thanks Citysonnet for this August challenge!

City Sonnet: August 29, 2019. Reflection/ father and son

A random photo I took of Chris and Elliot. When scrolling through them later did I realize they have the same observational pose.

How can they be so similar, down to details like body posture?! Elliot is a mini reflection of his daddy.

This is one of those photos I cherish for our family.

Thank you City Sonnet for hosting this monthly challenge!