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Kid’s bible study videos: “The So & So Show”

*This turned out to be a longer post than planned. I’m hoping it’ll be useful for parents with young children searching for a biblical and engaging bible study show. And it doesn’t really matter the age, even grown ups will enjoy it too.

For Sunday School, my kids have been excitedly watching “The So & So Show” shown on the People’s Church website. On Sundays, our family usually tunes into an online service at Central Church in Las Vegas with pastor Jud Wilhite. As a spevial guest, he invited his pastor friend Herbert Cooper, senior pastor at People’s Church in Oklahoma, to preach that Sunday. Oh wow, his message was powerful, Jesus centered, and entertaining with his jokes and personal stories.

Few weeks ago, I felt like listening to a sermon (it’s a weird thing since college) and typed in the web address People’s Church.

Their main website was finicky that day or it could have been my ultra-slow internet connection. Anyways, my sophisticated trouble shooting method involves furiously clicking and tapping on keys. Kids joined me and I knew my quiet time was over. Clicked on the “Kid’s Home” and was surprised it loaded.

We clicked on lesson geared towards 2nd-5th grade students. But they also had groups for preschool and kindergarten/ first grade children. It was the perfect discovery for us during this shelter-in-place.

After the first show, my kids were hooked and watched the same episode several times. Now they ask when the next “The So & So Show” will be online.

The So & So Show Vinyl Stickers

Here is a brief overview if you’re interested in watching it with your kids. New episodes are uploaded every Saturday.

  1. Upbeat worship song and dance (one of the worship leaders looks like our babysitter, and they talk about it each time the camera focuses on him)
  2. A talk show setting hosted by 2 White middle-aged guys, named Jon and Brandon, who use fun props, over-dramatic reactions that kids find appealing, and relatable dialogue to introduce the topic of the week
  3. This introduction transitions to an interview with a surprise guest, called “Someone who knows stuff” (ex. slime expert, cotton candy maker, phony sound maker for movies, etc.)
  4. Then, a video bubble pops up with the Bible story host named Kellen, a young Black guy with a halo-syle Afro. He interacts with Jon and Brandon and connects the story to the week’s topic. The story is short and presented in a casual manner, and Kellen also narrates the skit played by various people (adults, kids, and puppets).
  5. Final part of the show ends with a Reveal the Question, a question of the day. Thought-provoking questions that challenge both kids and adults about your relationship with God.


We are tremendous fans of this show! Here’s a link to the poster of the show’s cast. I love how Bible stories are told in engaging ways that help kids to understand the story and learn what it means to follow Jesus.

Big, last minute discovery for me:

While double checking the spelling of the host’s names, I discovered a new thing!! “The So & So Show” has its own YouTube channel (I just subscribed). It’s also a popular curriculum resource developed by a church ministry company called ThinkOrange.

They provide a variety of curriculum, resources for different age groups, and I believe these shows are pre-made for churches to supplement their children’s programs. The website has a store where tou can stickers, books, and posters. I can imagine my kid’s excitement when I tell them we can get their merch. aye yai yai…

Please check out this show at and if you want to hear an inspiring and spirit-filled message, check out Herbert Cooper.

God bless and praying you will start the new week fresh and with faith!

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