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Flower of the Day: June 24, 2021

I tried my hand at propagating a Pothos plant a few weeks ago. The cuttings have been getting the rare VIP treatment; biweekly water changes, location changes depending on sunlight strength, daily check-ins. Each of the cuttings grew roots, an inch or so, from the nodes.

New stem cuttings in water. Need to wait for roots to grow.

The other day I got impatient and planted some cuttings outdoors. Ehhhh, I should’ve waited to plant it on a cooler day rather than during the heat wave last week.

I watered the cuttings in fertilized soil and left it outdoors (since I used outdoor soil). The heat must’ve been too intense for the tender cuttings, because few of the leaves had brown burnt spots. I kept it outside for another day in a cooler spot but the temperature was still too hot.

My first instinct was to pull out the burnt leaves’ stems and focus on the healthy ones. But one of my gardening friends once told me to wait and see if it recovers. Don’t be so impatient. Another valuable advice: in gardening matters, maybe do the opposite of what I want to do.

Here are the stem cuttings: some in soil and the others still growing roots in water.

It’s been 3 days since I brought the plant pot indoors. It’s shielded from intense outdoor heat and the singed top part of the leaves are still the same, but its stems have become stronger. I’m waiting to see what happens to the leaves: wait and see.

Thank you Cee for hosting the FOTD challenge and have a great midweek!

Readers, thank you for stopping by and sharing a part of your day with me. Stay well and healthy!

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  1. My grandmother used to “take a snip” whenever she saw a plant she liked and didn’t have. Sometimes it was at friend’s house; sometimes at the store. We took her to a nursery one time and had a baggie in her purse with wet Kleenex. She was shameless!


    1. Love grandmas! They are eccentric, bold, and yes, shameless. My grandma was a eco-warrior, although no one called her that since she annoyed everyone not to use paper towels and gave you the stank eye if you reached for a kleenex.

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      1. They are eccentric and my grandma didn’t think anything of it. And they grew like crazy without all the TLC you or I would give them. Grandmas got spunk!


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