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Poem about a child’s wish for a first pet

“My First Pet” by Kevin Pearson, published 2018

My mommy said today
That I could get a pet one day.
I gave her a kiss
Then started making my list.

Maybe I could get a giraffe.
It would be so fun to give him a bath.
What about a rhinoceros? I thought.
I am sure that it must eat a lot.

I could get a monkey.
Together we could swing from tree to tree.
I know, I could get an armadillo.
She could sleep under my pillow.

How about a kangaroo?
But only if she has room for two.
I’m sure I don’t want a porcupine.
I would be saying “ouch” all the time.

It would be fun to have a horse.
He would have to live outside, of course.
Okay, maybe a hippopotamus.
It will probably eat as much as the rhinoceros.

An elephant would be fun as can be
If he doesn’t sit on me.
I could get along with a pig just fine,
Rolling in mud all the time.

I gave my mom my list.
She bent down and gave me a kiss,
Put her hand to her heart,
And said a fish would be a good start.

Back in the day…first fish buying outing

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    1. That was a couple of years ago. When I showed kids that picture, they actually reminded me that each of their goldfish died the next day. Ellis’ fish was named Ice cream flower and Elliots’ was Hamburger fry.
      We’ve had many fatalities over the years that taught us a lot about fishkeeping. 🤪🤪

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      1. Fish are all we have. We’d like to get a dog, but my husband is against it. hmpf…no convincing. Maybe he’ll change his mind when kids are older and have a yard. Also, dwarf bunnies are adorable.
        40 gallon is a great size for a fish tank! You could use it as an enclosure for a turtle too.


      2. My daughter had a dog and many cats, one cat at a time. The tank can be for turtle but it would be good for kids. We don’t have kids in the house.
        Esther, I like your review for my poetry book. Are you interested in writing a review for my children’s book? You can write what you think about the book, and your children read it and what they think, or what you talked about after you read the book.
        Have a wonderful weekend with your family!


      3. We would love to have a small dog! For now we’ve settled for fish. Too bad they’re not cuddly or playful.
        I’m glad you liked my review for your poetry book! Sure, I would be happy to write a review for your children’s book. Like the viewpoints you suggested for writing the review.
        Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and stay safe!


      4. I think cats are more cuddly then dogs. I loved your review. One blogger has a Smorgasbord Magazine to promote authors’ books with reviews. She quoted your review. She only picks good reviews to represent the books. I know you’ll write a good one for my children’s book. Thank you on advance.

        I’m on the plane flying back home, arriving at 6:30. My daughter and family will have an outing on Labor day. I’ll test up after two weeks of babysitting! 😊


      5. Dogs are my favorite but I can see how cats can be more cuddly. It depends on the cat’s temperament? I follow a cat’s insta and the videos are too funny with cats’ funny responses, antics, and quirkiness.

        Wow, thanks for letting me know about the Smorgasbord Magazine! It’s so cool to know I’m quoted there. yay. I’ll have to check it out. Yes, I’ll get to it soon.

        Welcome home! I hope you rest up and recover from 2 weeks of babysitting.


  1. Very sweet poem Esther. I think my first fish was won at a local carnival – a prize for getting a beanbag through the many holes on a standing wooden board. You might have gotten a small plush animal or doll, or a live fish in a bag to take home. I’m sure my parents would have preferred my efforts received something other than a fish. I was allergic to plush toys as a kid so I would have had to pick a doll.


    1. What?! You were allergic to plush toys? I had no idea. Most toys at carnivals are plush…oh geesh, that must’ve been a bummer but thank goodness for dolls. I love dolls too. lol I’ve never seen a goldfish prize but I’ve heard a lot about them. There was a kid’s book about 2 boy siblings and the older one won a goldfish from guessing the right number of jelly beans. His younger brother was named Fudge. It was a great story but I’m drawing a blank on the title. It was a good book!
      I’m happy that I came across this sweet poem and reading about the wild choices from kid’s imagination.

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      1. I used to reread my favorite books too: Daddy Long Legs, sweet valley high twins, a ghost book about a girl named Helen being kind to the house kids, Secret Garden…others I can’t remember. lol As I get older memory is selective and irrelevant details are quickly dismissed. Which were your favorite childhood books?


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